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This site allows you to access and manage your Meal Plan, RamCash Account and many new features, including, but not limited to: Automatic Deposits, Low Balance Notifications, and Bonus Meal Purchases.

Meal plans allow easy access to any Residential Dining Services dining center or marketplace locations! RDS offers a wide range of innovative venues and services to meet the dining needs of everyone on campus. When you purchase a meal plan via My RamCard, your meals will be available to use immediately.

Please do not hesitate to select "Need Help?," if you have any questions.

RamCash can be added to any RamCard to pay for bike repairs/maintenance, parking, food & beverages, and printing services on campus. There are no setup fees, transaction fees, or minimum balance fees. RamCash accounts remain active and roll over as long as you are at CSU. The following are some of the RamCash services that are available to you on this site:

  • Transaction History
  • Account Statements
  • Deposit RamCash
  • Request RamCash
  • Request RamCash Refund
  • Low Balance Notifications
  • Automatic Deposits